Creating dynamic, sustainable communities for everyone

There has never been a greater need for the delivery of beautiful places.

People want to live healthy lives in truly sustainable communities where they can enjoy living, working and raising families in high quality homes in green and spacious surroundings. Places with direct access to the countryside beyond via new and improved footpaths and cycle-ways.

Wirral can once again become a “world leader in place-making” and build on the legacy of exemplar developments like Port Sunlight - but only if it takes a more rounded and thoughtful approach to creating new and enhancing existing communities.

Leverhulme has submitted eight planning applications to create "much needed new homes" in "beautiful and sustainable communities" across Wirral.

Details of the eight sites are below:

  • A 0.82-hectare site located to the north of Gills Lane in Pensby, between Thorncroft Drive and Gills Lane Farm and stables. To provide up to 15 new homes.
  • A 7.35-hectare site located to the north of Gills Lane in Pensby and to the west of Barnston Road. To provide up to 153 new homes.
  • A 3.92-hectare site located a short distance from the local centre of Pensby Road, Pensby. It sits to the north of Gills Lane, between the existing residential streets of Dale View Close, Gwendoline Close and Thorncroft Drive. To provide up to 92 new homes.
  • A 17.38-hectare site located to the north of Thingwall Drive, to the east of Glenwood Drive and to the west of Arrowe Park, Irby. To provide up to 290 new homes.
  • A 3.60-hectare site located to the north of Raby Hall Road between the Autism Together complex and the residential neighbourhood on Blakeley Road at the edge of Bromborough. To provide up to 80 new homes.
  • A 3.30-hectare site located to the north of Raby Hall Road, with built development proposed to the west of Raby Hall and a footpath link to the east. To provide up to 38 new homes.
  • A 8.36-hectare site located to the west of Barnston Road and north of Milner Road within easy walking distance of Heswall town centre and Heswall railway station. To provide up to 120 new homes.
  • A 10.2 acre site to the east of Rigby Drive, Greasby, delivering up to 240 new homes, including family homes, flats and bungalows, and including 72 new affordable homes.
    To include a community park offering expansive views from the highest part of the site, along with the creation of new safe walking and cycling routes, connecting homes, schools and the countryside.

The planning applications follow a consultation period and the publication in 2021 of ‘The Leverhulme Vision’, which urges Wirral MPs, councillors and other key stakeholders to champion a broader debate on the delivery of viable development to meet everyone’s needs – today, as well as into the future.

As well as supporting realistic and deliverable regeneration, Leverhulme believes passionately in the goal of enhancing the life and energy of all our communities throughout Wirral.

As The Leverhulme Vision states, we are the only partner “uniquely placed to enhance Wirral” by “creating beautiful new neighbourhoods offering enhanced accessibility and where health and wellbeing are prioritised.”

You can download a copy of The Leverhulme Vision brochure and you can also find further information in our news section.