Leverhulme submits EIA scoping requests to Wirral Council

Posted on 5th January 2022 in Estate News

The Leverhulme Vision for Wirral


Leverhulme has submitted a series of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) scoping requests to Wirral Council.

The requests cover the following sites:

  • A 0.82-hectare site located to the north of Gills Lane in Pensby, between Thorncroft Drive and Gills Lane Farm and stables. 15 environmentally friendly homes.
  • A 7.35-hectare site located to the north of Gills Lane in Pensby and to the west of Barnston Road. Up to 160 environmentally friendly homes.
  • A 3.92-hectare site located a short distance from the local centre of Pensby Road, Pensby. It sits to the north of Gills Lane, between the existing residential streets of Dale View Close, Gwendoline Close and Thorncroft Drive. Up to 100 environmentally friendly homes.
  • A 17.38-hectare site located to the north of Thingwall Drive, to the east of Glenwood Drive and to the west of Arrowe Park, Irby. Up to 310 environmentally friendly homes.
  • A 3.60-hectare site located to the north of Raby Hall Road between the Autism Together complex and the residential neighbourhood on Blakeley Road at the edge of Bromborough. Up to 85 environmentally friendly homes.
  • A 3.30-hectare site located to the north of Raby Hall Road, with built development proposed to the west of Raby Hall and a footpath link to the east. Up to 40 environmentally friendly homes.
  • A 8.36-hectare site located to the west of Barnston Road and north of Milner Road within easy walking distance of Heswall town centre and Heswall railway station. Up to 120 environmentally friendly homes.

Nigel McGurk, Head of Land and Planning at Leverhulme, said: “Leverhulme is uniquely placed, given its extensive landholding, to support the requirement to deliver sustainable new communities across the peninsula over the next 15 years.

“We set out a vision earlier this year which encouraged Wirral Council to create beautiful new neighbourhoods in Wirral and we have begun to consider in detail how such a vision could be delivered in practice.

“As part of this process, we have submitted EIA scoping requests for land across our estate to Wirral Council to help us better understand what assessments will need to be undertaken, ahead of any future planning applications being considered. We look forward to hearing from the council in due course.”

The Leverhulme Vision document highlighted how the scale of its landholding would enable Wirral to maximise the benefits of sustainable development and access to the countryside for everyone and provide for:

  • Greater health and wellbeing;
  • Communities and not just homes
  • Beautiful homes for Wirral residents;
  • New and enhanced public access;
  • Enhanced biodiversity;
  • Modern, biodiverse farmland;
  • Better connected infrastructure including enhanced network of cycleways and footpaths;
  • A thriving rural economy;
  • Improved leisure and tourism facilities.

To read The Leverhulme Vision document in full please visit: https://leverhulme.net/leverhulme-vision