Leverhulme to appeal Greasby development refusal

Posted on 22nd July 2023 in Estate News

Leverhulme is appealing the decision by Wirral Council to refuse its planning application to create a “beautiful, sustainable and deliverable” community in Greasby.

Artists impression of the Greasby development

The application for up to 240 new homes east of Rigby Drive, including family homes, flats and bungalows and 72 affordable homes was rejected by the council earlier this year.

A public inquiry to hear Leverhulme’s appeals for seven further applications refused by the council concluded in July. The outcome of these appeals is expected towards the end of September.

The Greasby scheme, set in 10.2 hectares, features areas of public open space including a community park offering expansive views from the highest part of the site, along with the creation of new safe walking and cycling routes, connecting homes, schools and the countryside.

Around 25 per cent of the proposed development comprises new accessible public, green and open space, transforming previously private land to deliver benefits for wildlife and the health and wellbeing of local people.

Away from the site, Leverhulme will also plant woodland to expand Greasby copse and create new grassland habitats and hedgerows on estate land to the south-west.

Nigel McGurk, Head of Land and Planning for Leverhulme, said: “As was the case with Leverhulme’s earlier appeals, a public inquiry provides the right forum to consider our planning application for Greasby in the context of Wirral’s urgent requirement for new housing, in particular family homes and affordable homes.

“This latest appeal will also continue to put the spotlight on the long-standing failure by Wirral Council to address the borough’s housing crisis.

“Leverhulme supports deliverable regeneration but the success of Wirral Council’s regeneration strategy remains contingent on the availability of enormous public subsidies and cheap development funding, regardless of economic realities.

“By contrast, Leverhulme’s proposals are fully deliverable and would ensure multiple other benefits in ways that no other proposal in Wirral can, including the opening up of the countryside, the creation of new cycleways and footpaths and the significant enhancement of biodiversity and habitats.

“Our developments would also provide for economic growth across Wirral, creating jobs and supporting services.”